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Easter Hat parade

This is a wonderful afternoon of fun and frivolity as all students in our school parade to show off their Easter hats. This is not a competition. There are no prizes. Parents don't have to make their hats - it's the job of buddy students.
The older 'buddies' make the hats for their younger counterparts as well as for themselves. So, though they make their own hat they walk around beside their little person whose hat they have made. They want to be proud of the creativity so they do try hard to do the best they can. The results are fabulous.
There's a special "measurement" afternoon at school where the older children measure the head circumference of their younger charges to ensure the hats fit. Then they set about their task.
The parade is accompanied by trendy music. Our local community church provides cool lemon drinks and hot cross buns to the huge parental audience. Excitement abounds with the children and the day concludes the first term of the school year and heralds the start of the school holidays!